Trading rules

MaceFinance Leveraged Trading Rules

  • Macefinance signal exchange trading is a system that provide services on the significant change of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Users can manage their portfolio and watch the rise and fall of assets on live charts. Macefinance has brought confidence to day traders worldwide.
  • Deposit

    You can make deposit in Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, deposits. Macefinance's deposit are unchanged multi-signature cold wallet addresses.
  • Withdrawal

    You can make withdrawals through multiple-wallet choice. (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP)
  • Signal Trading

    We provide the best and accurate cryptocurrency signal portfolio and trading. Traders have the access to initiate trade with signal algorithms.
  • Bi-directional position

    You can take the opposite directional position while you are holding a position. For example, you can hold a down position while holding an up position.
  • MaceFinance Index

    MaceFinance Index is based on average weighted price quotations taken from Poloniex, Coinbase and Binance exchanges. In case Poloniex, Coinbase and Binance or any of these exchanges suspends its service or otherwise unable to submit price quotations due to any problems, MaceFinance is rightful to apply immediately Index based on average-weighted price calculations of remaining operating above listed exchanges. Besides MaceFinance may change any of such source of price quotations at its own discretion after prior notice of such changes.
  • Trading Server Maintenance

    Regular server maintenance takes place from 11:00 am. to 11:30 a.m. (UTC time) on the 30th of every month. During server maintenance, new orders cannot be sent, but hold positions are retained.